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Upcoming Events

Here you can see our upcoming events. These events can be anything from lobster feast to Italian night.

Café & Brasserie

We invite you inside for a culinary experience. With inspiration from European cuisine, there is something for everyone. On our website you can get a deeper insight into who we are, and of course you can also book a table.

About us

The Modern has its address on the cozy Skt. Annæ Plads in Copenhagen. In the restaurant we offer stately food knowledge inspired by European cuisine.

European cooking 

In the kitchen, the southern European cuisines inspire such as the French, Italian, and Spanish. Frederiksstaden, where the restaurant is located, is one of the most prominent districts in Copenhagen with embassies, law firms, and the royal family’s resident, Amalienborg, as one of the closest neighbors.

Our address

Sankt Annæ Plads 19C

1250 København K

Monday – sunday 09:30 – 23:00 (kitchen closes 21:30)

Book table

You are free to book a table online. You are also welcome to contact us either by phone or by email.

Phone: +45 45 50 50 45